A companion to the upcoming book of similar title, this blog gives recipes to make your own homemade and healthy Meals Ready to Eat. Whether you prepare these for survival in emergency situations or to provide healthy meals for work and camping/backpacking, or if you just need portion control for your diet, there are recipes here for nearly everyone! // ALL ingredients are dehydrated or freeze-dried, or shelf-stable, and all recipes are for one serving. // At least ONE new recipe will be added each week.

MRE Recipe: Caribbean Coconut Chicken

Caribbean Coconut Chicken: This is so delicious, nutritious and very filling. Yes, the coconut has fat, but it's a healthy fat. Eat this worry-free!
Dairy-Free. Gluten-Free. Make as spicy as you'd like. I personally don't care for a lot of spice but my husband can tolerate a lot!
Remember, all ingredients are shelf stable, freeze-dried and/or dehydrated.
Baggie 1:
1/2 cup instant rice (or rice you pre-cooked and dehydrated)
½ tsp turmeric (optional)

Baggie 2:
1/2 cup chicken dices
1 tbsp scallions
½ cup dehydrated strips of orange bell pepper [or red, yellow or green]
½ cup dehydrated carrot strips
1 tsp garlic flakes or powder
3 tbsp powdered coconut milk
3 tbsp sweetened coconut flakes
pinch hot red pepper flakes
salt and pepper to taste (we leave them out)

Rehydrate Baggie 1 with ½ cup boiling water (more or less).  Rehydrate Baggie 2 with 1 ½ cups boiling water.  Let sit until completely reconstituted.  Serve chicken mixture on top of rice.

1. Add ¼ cup of dehydrated halved cherry tomatoes to Baggie 2.  You will need to increase the amount of boiling water for this bag.  

2. Add 1 tbsp of tomato powder to Baggie 2.

Remember that all ingredients are freeze-dried, dehydrated, or otherwise, shelf-stable.

Be sure to let me know how you like this recipe!

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