A companion to the upcoming book of similar title, this blog gives recipes to make your own homemade and healthy Meals Ready to Eat. Whether you prepare these for survival in emergency situations or to provide healthy meals for work and camping/backpacking, or if you just need portion control for your diet, there are recipes here for nearly everyone! // ALL ingredients are dehydrated or freeze-dried, or shelf-stable, and all recipes are for one serving. // At least ONE new recipe will be added each week.

Protein-Packed Berry Drink

Protein-Packed Berry Drink
I have problems with constant nausea, so there are many times when I don’t feel like eating. I just want a quick drink to get rid of hunger pains and to give me a boost of protein, vitamins and other nutrients.
This is a seriously easy drink.  I keep the mixture at the ready. Feel free to vary the fruit powders.
2 tbsp blueberry powder
2 tbsp raspberry powder
2 tbsp blackberry powder
3 tbsp protein powder (hemp, whey, etc)
Combine all ingredients.  When ready to drink, add to a glass with 1 cup (8 ounces) of water.  Mix well.
NOTE: Remember that all the ingredients on this blog are freeze-dried, dehydrated and/or powdered. If you can’t buy them in that form, do it yourself!  Get out your dehydrator and load it up.  Use a spice-grinder to powder your freeze-dried berries (or whatever).
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I am back!

After taking some time to deal with some major health issues, including breast cancer, I'm back to experimenting with recipes and writing my homemade MRE / instant meals book.

I hope to update this blog on a more regular basis.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Vikki Lawrence


A few months ago, I went in for my annual mammogram. I was called back because they didn't get a "good enough" picture. Then the word "mass" was said when they called to schedule a biopsy. Within a week, I had a breast cancer diagnosis.

I had two surgeries in August ... the first to take out the lump, which was against my chest wall, and to take a sample of lymph node. They didn't get it all so two weeks later, they went back in.

Today I start radiation treatments. Luckily they caught the cancer just as it was at the cusp of invasive, so I can get away with radiation and no chemotherapy.

Wish me luck!

p.s. Between dealing with this, my son's epilepsy returning in full force, my liver disease and other problems, I doubt I will be writing much here for a while. Thank you for your patience.

Diet struggles

Hubby and I finished the bantam chicken coop today and finally got them moved out of my garage today. They are all huddled together because they've been growing and out-growing a small coop they've been in since babyhood. Hoping they'll come around.

But dag, that wore me out.  So much that I could barely reach up into a bowl to grab some candy!  Aw, too bad we're out in the boonies, and had nobody to come by for candy.

Which brings me to my topic: candy.

I have a sweet tooth.

And the bad teeth and tummy to go along with it.

Hate that I can't control my eating, and unfortunately, Hubby isn't strong enough to NOT buy me these things. I ask for candy, or tacos, then he runs out to buy them.  I deeply wish he wouldn't, but maybe he is weak like that, and since I'm too weak to NOT ask for these things, well, I'll never feel better.

At least the candy I'm eating is gluten-free.  And my tummy is feeling a tiny bit better.  But it is NOT good for my fatty cirrhosis liver. 

God, help me be strong.

Bad news plus gluten-free

I got a call on Wednesday from my gastroenterologist.  He said that even tho he still isn't 100% what's causing my nausea, bloating and abdominal pain, he has the results of some of my tests.

I have cirrhosis of the liver.  Non-alcoholic.  Which means, I either got it from meds I've been on for a long time, plus over-the-counter pain relievers like acetaminophen, ibuprofen and naprosen, but also probably from being overweight for so long.

PLEASE LOSE weight NOW!  You don't want to end up like me, ok?

Anyway, he didn't tell me how bad the cirrhosis is.  Could be reversible, or could be near transplant stages.  He insisted that his office make time for him to meet with me, so we're meeting on Nov 17 so he can give me the particulars.

Plus, he has the results of my cortisol stimulation test.  I'm slow.  Duh.  He wants me to see an endocrinologist, so I've found one in his same building and asked my PCP to send over a referral.  Hope the endo doc sees it soon and gets back with me before the end of the year. 

The gastro doc also suggested that even tho my colonoscopy and endoscopy/upper g.i. show no indication of me being celiac, that I should do it for at least 30 days and see if I feel better. So, now I have to re-think my instant meal plan.  Why?

Because many "instant" products, like mashed potatoes, oatmeal, rice, lunchmeat, etc, have gluten in them.  And because I have cirrhosis, I am researching what I need to eat for that.

Bear with me, please.  It's frustrating but if changing my diet to be gluten-free and for liver problems, then maybe I'll feel better.

Protein-Packed Overnight Oatmeal

Do you remember how my post last week was about my overnight oatmeal? And how I needed to add protein to it?

Well, I ordered from Amazon.com (a few weeks ago) some hulled hemp nuts/seeds.  They do provide a bit of roughage as well as protein, but I guess I need it.  SO when I made my overnight oats Wednesday night, in addition to cinnamon, powdered milk and a tiny bit of nutmeg, I also added a tablespoon of the hemp nuts for protein.  Know what else? I added some powdered peaches ... I've been craving peaches lately.

Thursday morning, got up, found that it had all reconstituted nicely, and ate it cold.

So very delicious.


Note: This was a difficult week, this one past.  On Monday I had minor surgery.  Fasted Sunday night, and at the hospital first thing on Monday for a trans-jugular liver biopsy.  That means, they cut a hole in my neck to get to my jugular, then fed a tube with a camera and claw-thingy on the end, went all the way down to my liver, looked around and took a piece. I'm not recovering very well.

THEN yesterday, on Friday, I had to go to a different hospital for an adrenal/cortisol stimulation test to see if THAT is causing my abdominal pain, bloating and nausea.

Hope to get my results soon.

Bland Overnight Oatmeal for Tummy Problems

I still don't know the cause of my abdominal pain, bloating and constant nausea. Saw my PCP yesterday who said she had no new ideas. To listen to my gastroenterologist. No help, she.

Meanwhile, I'm doing a bit of bland diet.  Making oatmeal in the morning ... EVERY morning... is getting old. Last night I put my portion of oats in a glass container, added the water called for and finished up with milk powder, cinnamon and nutmeg, stirred, covered, and let sit in the fridge.

Trouble sleeping, though, so I got up early today, got out my oatmeal, and it had all reconstituted!  Tasted delicious.

Thinking I need to add protein to it. Somehow.