A companion to the upcoming book of similar title, this blog gives recipes to make your own homemade and healthy Meals Ready to Eat. Whether you prepare these for survival in emergency situations or to provide healthy meals for work and camping/backpacking, or if you just need portion control for your diet, there are recipes here for nearly everyone! // ALL ingredients are dehydrated or freeze-dried, or shelf-stable, and all recipes are for one serving. // At least ONE new recipe will be added each week.

MRE RECIPE: Quick Cakes

Yes, these are NOT diet friendly, but you can store the products to make these in your pantry and are super-easy to make.  I do NOT suggest using diet soda pop as they usually have asparatame in them which can cause seizures (it does in my boy) and other health problems.  But these ARE lower in fat than if you were to use oil and eggs.

Cake Mix + Soda Pop = Moist Cake

Yup, I make these all the time for bake sales.

1 box of cake mix (15.25 oz)
1 can of soda pop (12 oz)

Take your favorite cake mix and instead of adding the oil, eggs, butter, or other add-ins, just add ONE CAN of any flavor soda pop.  Completely combine (it looks weird at first), then pour into a 9 x 13 greased pan, and bake for the time on the cake-mix box.

I found this picture online, and use it often.  Remember that the soda adds only a LIGHT taste. My son LOVES the creamsicle cake (vanilla cake plus vanilla pudding plus orange soda pop).

Basically, tho, I use lemon-lime soda pop with most of my cake mixes. It barely gives any flavor, but makes the cake so moist that it's hard to get it out of the pan.  Leave it in the pan!! 

You can use canned frosting (yuck!) or make a glaze by adding a liquid (can made from unsweetened lemonade or other drink powder + water) and powdered sugar. It's a delightful and tasty glaze/drizzle!

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