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Recovering from 2nd knee replacement surgery

Yes, I dropped the ball again. 

I spent most of March and the first half of April, getting ready for my knee replacement surgery.  That entailed a LOT of doctor appointments, including a cardiologist who cleared my heart for surgery, dental, x-rays, MRIs, and so many more. I was on the go 5-days a week.  Between the busy-ness, I was struggling with fibromyalgia that smacked me over the head after the first knee replacement surgery in November.

So, I didn’t get a chance to write a monthly column about being a caregiver for someone who has epilepsy, I didn’t work on books, I didn’t experiment with recipes and I didn’t write in this blog.

I feel VERY guilty.

I’m still recovering from my surgery.  After all, it’s only been nearly 3 weeks.  My incision is healing well.  I’m regaining mobility in the leg.  I don’t fall down all of the time any more.  And I **think** … yes, **think** that my fibromyalgia has gone away a little bit.

So I hope to be back soon, giving you your money’s worth in this blog.

I will tell you that the food at the hospital was HORRIBLE…very few fresh veggies and fruit.  Had 6 different kinds of white potatoes but not even ONE sweet potato! Protein was unexciting.  Eggs were disgusting.  Cheesecake and carrot cake super yummy.  No wonder I came out of there with severe upset tummy syndrome and an additional 5 pounds.

Thought about maybe I should have had Hubby bring to the hospital some of my “instant meals” that I make but decided not to.  (1) I couldn’t have gotten up to find hot water and bring it back without spilling or falling.  (2) My 18 year old autistic son who stayed there with me couldn’t have brought the hot water back without spilling.  (3) Hubby wasn’t there a lot. (4) It’s not the nurses’ jobs to bring me hot water. (5) I guess I could have gotten the room service people to bring it to me but they never got my order right as it was!

Then I left the hospital and HAD to have comfort food.  Problem is, I had too much.  Too much jello, rice pudding, Hubby bringing home too much take-out, and, well, sweets.

I weighed this morning.  I gained a total of 10 pounds in 3 weeks.  What?  No way!  Uh, yes. And I really don’t like that.  I do still have a lot of jello in the freezer because I am still nauseous a whole lot and medication isn’t really helping.  But here’s my plan starting tonight:

  • oatmeal with raisins OR
  • nuts/seeds with fruit OR
  • eggs from my chicken or turkey girls

  • nuts/seeds
  • fruit
  • dried cranberry with almonds and cashews
  • dried cherries with cashews and peanuts

  • lettuce salad with veggies and a boiled egg and fresh fruit on side
  • tuna salad with veggies with fresh fruit on side
  • taco shell with brown rice or quinoa filling, tom, etc with fresh fruit on side
  • hummus with tortilla chips
  • snack meal (healthy fresh protein like cheese/egg/hummus plus lots of fresh bite-sized veggies and a starch like rice crackers).
  • soup/stew/casserole from dehydrated ingredients (minimal meat, bump up bean and nut protein, lots of veggies and lots of spices and herbs).

What do you think? Is it healthy?

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