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My Own Weight-Loss - Update

When I went in for my surgery on November 19 2014, I weighed 254 pounds.  After the surgery, I was so nauseous, on pain killers, and didn't feel like doing anything.

But to regain mobility in my knee / leg, I needed to do leg exercises.  By the end of December, I had lost several pounds, had regained full mobility in my knee, and, except for the pain, was starting to feel better.

The surgery made my fibromyalgia worse.  Biggest flare-up I've ever had, and it's not going away.  I read about diets to help with the fibro, so I started eating mostly fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, legumes, and gluten-free.

I added exercycling to my daily routine.  Then found my 3-pound hand weights and started working with them, in addition to physical therapy.

But the physical therapy was making my other leg/knee worse.  I had to stop that.  I researched exercises to do in bed, and changed things.

As of last week, I have lost 27 pounds since my surgery.

I exercycle daily.
I work out with weights daily, on the bed.
I do my knee exercises daily, on the bed.
I do mock-stomach-crunches daily, on the bed.

I started water therapy 2 weeks ago, but because of the snow, have attend only once so far. Hope the snow goes away soon.

If **I** can lose weight, so can YOU!

I have another 50-75 pounds to go.  I CAN do this!

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