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A few months ago, I went in for my annual mammogram. I was called back because they didn't get a "good enough" picture. Then the word "mass" was said when they called to schedule a biopsy. Within a week, I had a breast cancer diagnosis.

I had two surgeries in August ... the first to take out the lump, which was against my chest wall, and to take a sample of lymph node. They didn't get it all so two weeks later, they went back in.

Today I start radiation treatments. Luckily they caught the cancer just as it was at the cusp of invasive, so I can get away with radiation and no chemotherapy.

Wish me luck!

p.s. Between dealing with this, my son's epilepsy returning in full force, my liver disease and other problems, I doubt I will be writing much here for a while. Thank you for your patience.

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