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Diet struggles

Hubby and I finished the bantam chicken coop today and finally got them moved out of my garage today. They are all huddled together because they've been growing and out-growing a small coop they've been in since babyhood. Hoping they'll come around.

But dag, that wore me out.  So much that I could barely reach up into a bowl to grab some candy!  Aw, too bad we're out in the boonies, and had nobody to come by for candy.

Which brings me to my topic: candy.

I have a sweet tooth.

And the bad teeth and tummy to go along with it.

Hate that I can't control my eating, and unfortunately, Hubby isn't strong enough to NOT buy me these things. I ask for candy, or tacos, then he runs out to buy them.  I deeply wish he wouldn't, but maybe he is weak like that, and since I'm too weak to NOT ask for these things, well, I'll never feel better.

At least the candy I'm eating is gluten-free.  And my tummy is feeling a tiny bit better.  But it is NOT good for my fatty cirrhosis liver. 

God, help me be strong.


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