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Still Quite Ill so Sorry

It's been about a week since I got home from the hospital, and I'm sorry to say that I've made very little progress.  I see my PCP tomorrow to discuss my hospital stay, and hopefully to get refills on the 3 meds plus the skin patch that are keeping my food in me.

Hoping she agrees to it.  Because, even with the meds, I'm barely hanging on.

And now I have constant dizziness to go along with everything else.

I seem to be slightly better in the mornings, so I'm making sure I drink a protein drink (pre-made or Carnation instant with extra protein) plus a Bolthouse or Naked or V8 fruit/veg juice... for the nutrition.  Then, if I can't get anything else to stay down during the day, I'll feel like I not doing too awfully bad, nutrition wise.

Again, I apologize for not doing much to help you on your health journey.  I can barely think about food without getting more nauseated.

Thank you.

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