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Help at the House and Farmette

Since Winter is coming and I don't have the strength to get some of our little farmette jobs done before the cold weather sets in, we put an ad on Craigslist and have hired a man and his wife to help out.  Seems like a good fit.  They understand that I'm quite ill, and are willing to help Hubby re-build our front yard fence (needed to take it down so the water well people could get to the well to dig it further).  They will also build a new chicken coop for the 13 baby bantam chickens we have in our garage. They absolutely need to go outside within a month because they are getting so big and they need to acclimate to outside weather before the cold gets here.

As for me, I'm not feeling any better.  And now, my insomnia is bothering me again.  So I wait until Hubby is asleep, and if I don't feel sleep coming any time soon, I gather a few things (pillow, water bottle, phone) and go into the living room.  Our wonderful but dumb Labrador retriever lays beside me, sometimes nuzzling my tummy or leg in sympathy.

Meanwhile, I'm trying to add foods to my day, like oatmeal.  I tried it with butter, cinnamon and brown sugar, but the sugar made me sick.


I hope that soon, someone will figure out what's wrong with me and will help me be able to eat again.  Once that happens, I can start posting on here again some healthy homemade instant meals!

Oh, how I look forward to that.

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