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Helpers not really working out

The helpers we found through Craigslist are really not working out.  Disappeared for a day completely with no word until I sent a strongly-worded text.  Thinking this time next week, we'll have them gone.  I keep hoping the man will do something like I actually tell him to do, but so far, only one project has been done to the way I requested and demonstrated.

They are taking advantage of me, but I need them (him) to "work" a bit more to pay us back for providing enough gas to get here that first day, plus antifreeze we also bought that day.

My nausea is getting just a tiny bit better but now I have new symptoms: peticulae (tiny red spots in strategic places).  I reported them to both my hematologist and my g.i. doctors.

Did I mention that my spleen is quite large and growing and that my white platelets are quite low and still dropping?  Thankfully the two doctors are in the same building.

Why is my body suddenly falling apart, so completely? 

Is it because I've been so fat all of my life?

As a side note, even with the nausea, I'm really not losing any weight.  No one understands the why of this because you'd think I'd have dropped 50 pounds by now.  It's been only 5-10 pounds since Aug 10, when I went into the ER.


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