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Helpers Gone but Now We are Afraid

We fired the "Helpers" today.  Suspicious that the hours worked reported to us was not accurate, I watched them carefully today.  First of all, the woman never did anything to help.  Second, out of 3.5 hours reported, he really only worked a total of about 20 minutes!  What?!?!?! 

So we fired them.  And now they are a little threatening, saying that I underpaid them, when, in fact, I very much overpaid them for work that was never ever as I requested.

I'm sitting in the living room, lights out except for outside where we have ALL of our outdoor lights on so we can see what is going on outside.  I fear they will return.  Hubby says he'll sleep out here tonight, and keep an ear out for anything that isn't supposed to be there.

So glad they are gone.  But this stress isn't good for my nausea.

I did eat lunch today, though. Nothing big. Just a banana and some oatmeal.

By the way, met with my g.i. doctor this week who said all of the blood work has come in and nothing seems amiss. He is scheduling some more testings, including an upper g.i. to look at stomach and a colonoscopy to look at the other end. 

Plus, he wants a special kind of test that involves a tube with a camera on the end to enter through the vein on the right side of my neck to check my liver's pressure and will do a liver biopsy.

Another doctor, an ENT, has scheduled a barium swallow to see why I'm having troubles swallowing.  Wonder if that problem has anything to do with my nausea.

Well, at least I got some of my favorite instant oatmeal down: 1/4 cup quick-cooking oatmeal, 1 tbsp. pineapple powder, 1 tbsp. banana powder, and 1 tbsp. of raw sugar.  Delicious and it stayed down!!! Might add a bit of cinnamon the next time.

BTW... the fruit powder I mentioned in the last paragraph is real fruit, in powder form.  I get them, among many others, from www.justtomatoes.com

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