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Protein-Packed Overnight Oatmeal

Do you remember how my post last week was about my overnight oatmeal? And how I needed to add protein to it?

Well, I ordered from Amazon.com (a few weeks ago) some hulled hemp nuts/seeds.  They do provide a bit of roughage as well as protein, but I guess I need it.  SO when I made my overnight oats Wednesday night, in addition to cinnamon, powdered milk and a tiny bit of nutmeg, I also added a tablespoon of the hemp nuts for protein.  Know what else? I added some powdered peaches ... I've been craving peaches lately.

Thursday morning, got up, found that it had all reconstituted nicely, and ate it cold.

So very delicious.


Note: This was a difficult week, this one past.  On Monday I had minor surgery.  Fasted Sunday night, and at the hospital first thing on Monday for a trans-jugular liver biopsy.  That means, they cut a hole in my neck to get to my jugular, then fed a tube with a camera and claw-thingy on the end, went all the way down to my liver, looked around and took a piece. I'm not recovering very well.

THEN yesterday, on Friday, I had to go to a different hospital for an adrenal/cortisol stimulation test to see if THAT is causing my abdominal pain, bloating and nausea.

Hope to get my results soon.

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