A companion to the upcoming book of similar title, this blog gives recipes to make your own homemade and healthy Meals Ready to Eat. Whether you prepare these for survival in emergency situations or to provide healthy meals for work and camping/backpacking, or if you just need portion control for your diet, there are recipes here for nearly everyone! // ALL ingredients are dehydrated or freeze-dried, or shelf-stable, and all recipes are for one serving. // At least ONE new recipe will be added each week.

Storing Meals in Bags

There are a lot of different kinds of bags you can seal your meal in IF you plan to not eat it any time soon.
  • Seal-a-Meal or other vacuum-sealing machine and bags
  • Mylar
  • Mylar on one side with food-grade plastic on the other
  • Metallic Foil with Ziplock
This is the small bag that I like. Clear on one side, foil on the other. Can either print a big label for the back, or print a piece of paper to staple over the top. It holds breakfast oatmeal, sides, drinks, etc. (There are larger sizes for entrees). It can be sealed with my Seal-a-Meal.

Here is the description for this bag on Amazon ( 100 PCS Silver/clear Metallic Foil Stand up Ziplock Bag 10cm x 15cm 3.94'' x 5.91'' by QQ Studio Group ).

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